Reliving the Nike Mercurial SuperFly V in Blue Orbit/White/Armory Navy

It might not be specific to Breast Cancer Awareness month, but this Cherry version of the Nike Miracle from 2010 makes for a pretty emblematic look. We did featured the Miracle along with the Nike Mercurial SuperFly V FG Neymar Blue Orbit/White/Armory Navy version when this colorway was initially released. Since this is Pink month and these are definitely a Pink style boot, I figured it would be the ideal time to feature them in more detail. Added to that, this version of the colorway is the only one still available to purchase. They were officially listed as a Voltage Obsidian.

Seen as the little brother to the Superfly, the Miracle offers superb quality and value for money. During their existence, a lot of players simply could not afford the high end Superfly – in the Miracle there is a very suitable alternative. Both versions look extremely alike, and from player feedback at the time, you really couldn’t tell the difference unless you were holding them up close.

Nike use a lightweight Teijin synthetic leather in the upper that allows them to keep the weight down while also emphasizing the importance of control. Impressively, they weigh a modest 8.6oz and from my experience they fit true to size right through the forefoot. The last (or soleplate) also mirrors the shape of the foot to give a great feel. Straight out of the box they are genuinely comfortable to wear.

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